Apartment Pool Drowning Accidents

Apartment buildings often have indoor or outdoor pools that are made available to apartment residents. Though pools can be attractive features of apartment living, they may also be sources of danger, particularly to small children, if not adequately maintained and secured.

Child drowning accident lawyer Jeff Killino has experience with a wide variety of child drowning cases, including those arising out of drowning accidents in apartment pools. If your child has sustained a fatal or non-fatal drowning injury in an apartment pool due to someone’s negligence or a defective pool component, you may be entitled to financial compensation through legal action. Contact attorney Killino at 877-875-2927 for a free evaluation of your case and additional information about your legal rights and options.

Liability for Apartment Pool Drowning Accidents

Apartment building owners and managers have a duty to exercise reasonable care to keep apartment pools safe for residents’ use. When a child is allowed to gain access to a pool due to inadequate security, for example, or is injured as a result of inadequate pool maintenance, the individuals and entities responsible for pool safety and maintenance may be found liable for the child’s drowning injury or death caused by this negligence.

Inadequate Security

Apartment pools with unlocked doors or gates, broken fencing, or other security inadequacies provide easy access to child residents, who are naturally attracted to pools and other bodies of water. When apartment owners and managers or pool maintenance personnel negligently fail to keep pool security devices in good repair or to ensure that pool gates or doors are locked to prevent access by unsupervised children, these parties may be held liable for drowning injuries or deaths found to have occurred as a result of such negligent security.

Negligent Pool Maintenance

Negligent maintenance of apartment pools and pool areas is another frequent cause of drowning injuries or deaths to child residents. Negligent failure to repair damaged areas surrounding pools, diving boards, pool steps or stairs, pool drains, and pool lighting can all contribute to children’s pool accidents that could have been prevented. In these cases, apartment owners and managers as well as the pool maintenance companies they employ may be held liable for drowning injuries caused by their negligence.

Lifeguards and Safety Equipment

Apartment owners and managers are not generally required to provide lifeguards during all (or any) times pools are open, but they are required to provide clear and adequate notice to parents that parents are responsible for their children’s safety when lifeguards are not present. If an apartment does provide lifeguards, those responsible for their hiring must exercise reasonable care to ensure that the lifeguards are adequately trained and that they exercise due care in the performance of their duties. Owners and operators of apartment pools are also required to provide adequate rescue and other emergency equipment. A child’s drowning injury or death that is found to have resulted from negligent performance of these duties may lead to the pool owner’s and/or operator’s liability in a personal injury or wrongful death action.

Defective Pool Components and Equipment

Defects in apartment pools or pool equipment can also cause children’s pool injuries or deaths. Faulty pool drains, for example, can trap children underwater and result in fatal or non-fatal drowning injuries, while defective pool electrical systems can lead to children’s electrocution injuries or deaths. When such accidents occur, the manufacturers of these pool components as well as others involved in their production and distribution may be held legally responsible for the injuries and deaths found to have been caused by the product defects.

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