Many parents believe that the safest place in the car for their babies or children is in the back. However, this fact is contradicted by KDVR, as they believe that back seat of the car is not safe either. The reports suggest that parents should know that the front seats could seriously injure or kill […]


The primary purpose of toys is to offer entertainment and joy to children and young adults. Despite the purpose being fun, many of the popular toys contain hidden hazards which might cause potential harm or injuries to them. Over the years, organizations came into existence to provide and improve toy safety to ensure the protection […]

Unstable IKEA Dressers Cause Two Children’s Deaths

Dangerous products are often recalled in time to prevent consumer injuries and deaths. In the most unfortunate of cases, serious injuries or deaths are the occurrences that alert manufacturers to hazardous product defects. On July 22, 2015, for example, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that IKEA North America, of Conshohocken, PA (IKEA) […]

Any Dog Can Bite a Child, Including the Child’s Beloved Pet

Few would disagree that dogs are the most lovable of pets. Dog ownership has been shown to improve people’s health, to provide companionship when none other may exist, to afford protection from intruders, and even to save lives. Dogs offer children additional benefits, as well, from sheer pleasure to important learning experiences regarding responsibility and […]

Heated Car Seats Can Cause Serious Burns to Young Children

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is reported to have received numerous complaints regarding dangers associated with car-seat heaters. Included in these complaints were reports of consumers being burned—often severely—by heated seats, and seats that caught fire. Heated car seats create a particularly high risk of burns to children and people with lower-limb paralysis […]

How to Protect Your Children from Brain Injuries Sustained in Playground and Other Accidents

Young children tend to not only be exuberant in their play but also unaware of the dangers certain common childhood activities can present. Brain injuries sustained in falls on playgrounds, from bicycles, and from objects on which children climb all too frequently lead to emergency-room visits that might have been prevented. What can you do […]

Two Very Good Reasons to Avoid Chinese-manufactured Toys

The dangers of Chinese-made toys have been widely known for a great many years. The abusive conditions suffered by workers who make these toys, though perhaps not as well publicized, are becoming equally apparent. Parents now have two very good reasons for keeping all Chinese-manufactured toys away from their children: Chinese manufacturers are notorious for […]

Attention Parents: HearthSong Sturdy Indoor/Outdoor Rope Ladders Can Cause Serious Injuries or Death to Children Who Use Them

Most children’s products are advertised in such a way as to lead parents to believe the products are both well-manufactured and safe for children’s normal and intended use. In addition, comments posted on manufacturers’ websites by people who have purchased products may add credence to already misleading or inaccurate manufacturer representations. Parents who have not […]