How to Protect Your Children from Brain Injuries Sustained in Playground and Other Accidents

Young children tend to not only be exuberant in their play but also unaware of the dangers certain common childhood activities can present. Brain injuries sustained in falls on playgrounds, from bicycles, and from objects on which children climb all too frequently lead to emergency-room visits that might have been prevented. What can you do […]

Two Very Good Reasons to Avoid Chinese-manufactured Toys

The dangers of Chinese-made toys have been widely known for a great many years. The abusive conditions suffered by workers who make these toys, though perhaps not as well publicized, are becoming equally apparent. Parents now have two very good reasons for keeping all Chinese-manufactured toys away from their children: Chinese manufacturers are notorious for […]

Attention Parents: HearthSong Sturdy Indoor/Outdoor Rope Ladders Can Cause Serious Injuries or Death to Children Who Use Them

Most children’s products are advertised in such a way as to lead parents to believe the products are both well-manufactured and safe for children’s normal and intended use. In addition, comments posted on manufacturers’ websites by people who have purchased products may add credence to already misleading or inaccurate manufacturer representations. Parents who have not […]

Child-injury Attorney Jeff Killino Warns Parents to Stop Using All Recalled Infant and Child Car Seats

Child and infant car seats and restraints are meant to enhance the safety of children riding in cars and other motor vehicles. Non-defective, undamaged, and properly installed seats and restraints are crucial to the achievement of this intended protection. When a particular type of car seat or other child restraint has been recalled, parents need […]

Over 30,000 Toy Toasters Have Been Recalled for a Choking Danger

Children’s toys and products have become more inventive, educational, and just plain fun over the years, but many still pose significant dangers to the safety of small children. Choking dangers are among the most common toy or children’s product hazards and often result in the recall of products or toys that may appear harmless to […]

Warning to Parents of Small Children: McDonald’s Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals “Hello Kitty Birthday Lollipop” Whistles Have Been Recalled for Dangerous Choking and Aspiration Hazards

Parents across the country take their children to McDonald’s for meals, birthday celebrations, and the entertainment of McDonald’s Playlands. Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals are favorite choices of young children, in part because they contain toys as well as food. Toys distributed at restaurants are as susceptible to defect as any others, however, and […]

Halloween Attractions and Events Can Be Dangerous for Child Employees Who Help Run the Events

Halloween activities such as haunted houses, mazes, hayrides, and other events often cause serious injury or death to child participants. Teenagers who are employed by businesses to operate or assist in these events are also susceptible to injury or death caused by businesses’ negligence, dangerous conditions on land used for events, or the recklessness or […]

Halloween Attractions Can Be Dangerous or Even Deadly for Children

Many children count Halloween among their favorite holidays. Trick-or-treating, spooky decorations, and costume parties make for a festive and joyous time. Halloween rides and other attractions provided by businesses may be frequented by entire classes of school children or large groups of friends and neighbors. Parents have the right to and usually do assume that […]