Many parents believe that the safest place in the car for their babies or children is in the back. However, this fact is contradicted by KDVR, as they believe that back seat of the car is not safe either. The reports suggest that parents should know that the front seats could seriously injure or kill the child. Up until now, there have been hundreds of cases where a parent has lost their kid in an accident due to seat back failure.

For years now, auto safety experts have been voicing their protest on this serious safety defect. In 2016, there was a crash test video that showed that young children are at risk of being injured, as the front seats can break once the car is hit from behind by another car. These things happen in an instant.

A recent incident occurred where Liz and Andrew Warner of Littleton, lost Taylor, who was their 17-month-old daughter. Liz Warner stated, “It was head trauma. The seat hit her in the face and that’s what caused the brain bleed they couldn’t stop. That was it. We didn’t get to know her anymore.”

The Warners were going somewhere in their 2010 Honda Odyssey with Taylor in her car seat. The car was rear-ended, and as a result, the driver’s seat collapsed on impact and struck her in the face. In the past 15 years, there is been more than 900 such cases where a child died due to a defective car part. Ensure that you have hired a defective car lawyer, as this issue is bigger than most people think. As a parent, you should know that there is no way to test that if your vehicle is safe to drive or not. It might look safe from the outside, but a seat back failure is a serious concern.