A week ago, an incident occurred where a game of paintball among a group of friends and family resulted in a child eye injury from an air gun. Reports show that there has been a significant increase in the number of eye injuries caused to children from an air gun.

The figure took a massive 169% toll. According to Dr. Gary Smith who is the director of the Heart for Injury Investigate and Policy at Nationwide Kid’s Clinic in Columbus, Ohio, and senior writer of the analyze reported: “In 1990, the amount of nonpowder-gun-related eye injuries was estimated to be all around 1.61 for every 100,000 young children. In 2012, the price was 4.34 for every 100,000 children.”

In such situations, it is important to have a child accident lawyer on your side to assist you with the case. These instances change someone’s life forever. There are chances that it could be slightly the child’s fault, but in case it is not – you should know the basic steps to proceed with the case.

A 12-year old boy’s eye injured from air gun during playing at a paintball range. It took an instance only where the boy took of goggles to clean the colorful paint splattered, and it ruptured his eyes. Dr. Douglas Fredrick who is a clinical professor of ophthalmology at Stanford University stated, “It was unfortunate. He lost the eye. We tried repairing the eye. We tried to sew it up, but the contents of the eye were so disorganized, and the chance of visual restoration was so low that it was actually safer to remove the damaged eye.”

Multiple cases take place on a yearly basis, and this is where you can leverage an experienced child accident lawyer. It is important to note that the incident is not the child’s fault. When we talk about proper safety equipment and properly designed toy guns, they should not result in injury. Consider consulting a dangerous and defective toy injury lawyer in case such situation arises.