Heated Car Seats Can Cause Serious Burns to Young Children

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is reported to have received numerous complaints regarding dangers associated with car-seat heaters. Included in these complaints were reports of consumers being burned—often severely—by heated seats, and seats that caught fire. Heated car seats create a particularly high risk of burns to children and people with lower-limb paralysis or other sensation-limiting conditions, such as diabetes. Children and other occupants who are not burned by these seats may also be put at risk when heated driver seats catch on fire and/or burn drivers who have no safe opportunity to pull over and exit their vehicles.

car seat heater burnsDefective and dangerous products often cause serious injuries or death to children who are exposed to them. Child-injury attorney Jeffrey Killino has extensive experience with child-injury cases, including those arising out of children’s injuries and deaths caused by defective products. If your child has been injured or killed in this manner, contact attorney Killino and his nationally respected team of child-injury and defective-products lawyers for more information about your legal rights and options.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Children’s Injuries and Deaths Caused by Heated Car Seats?

After a children’s hospital physician and the president of Safety Research & Strategies, Inc., contacted NHTSA with concerns about the safety of heated car seats, the agency found that most auto manufacturers’ heated seats can become too hot for consumer safety. At least 9 recalls were instituted in response to the agency’s findings.

Regardless of whether a manufacturer has recalled a heated car seat, however, the manufacturer (and others involved in the vehicle’s production and distribution) may be held liable under products-liability law for injuries to children and others caused by car seats that overheat to the extent that they cause burns or other injuries. These defendants may also be held liable for such injuries even if the seats that pose these risks comply with current industry standards.

A product may be found defective under products-liability law if it is unreasonably dangerous for consumers’ use due to a defect in its design, manufacture, or warnings. Car seats that overheat are arguably defective in design and/or due to inadequate warnings regarding use by certain occupants, including children. Children have been found to be more susceptible to burns from heated car seats; a child’s propensity to burn quickly has been shown in studies to equal that of frail or injured adults. Children are also less likely to realize they are in danger and to inform an adult of the problem before serious damage has already occurred.

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