Has your child suffocated from toy? Have you heard anyone complaining that their child choked on toy? In the United States, injuries due to defective toys are common. According to a report published by US Consumer Product Safety in 2015, nearly 11 children passed away from toy-related deaths. To ensure the protection of parents and their children from these defective toys, a child accident lawyer exists to help you understand product liability laws required to keep your child safe at all times.

Typically, a parent buys a toy to make their children happy. However, everything goes bad if a toy, in part or whole, is ingested by your child. Apart from deaths, a defective toy can also lead to nondeath-causing injuries and choking. As a parent, it is your responsibility to know about and understand product liability laws that every child accident lawyer recommends if you do not want your child to choke on a small toy part. Accidents can happen, but product liability claims will allow you to maintain your rights. We do not live in an ideal world where it is good to think that all products are safe.

Furthermore, everyone knows how common recalls are for toys due to an unreasonable risk of death or injury. Your child accident lawyer should tell you to:

  • Report any child injuries caused by dangerous products. Whether it is a minor or major injury, manufacturers should know all the defects that their product has.
  • Not believe in the products’ safety on the basis of their time on the market. For instance, a product that is selling for nearly four years or more does not necessarily have to be safe. There could be defects.