A wheelchair is an integral component for all people who experience several cerebral palsy symptoms. They cannot function without a wheelchair as it is a condition that affects their body movement and muscle coordination. However, when some things go wrong unexpectedly with the wheelchair, the patients suffer to a great extent. A similar thing happened with a 7-year old boy in St. Louis who was left stranded by a thief. According to the news that broke initially, it was reported that a family truck which had the kid’s wheelchair was stolen.

Typically, these are specially made wheelchairs that meet the needs of patients. A source close to the person said in a statement that the electronic wheelchair cost roughly $2,000. “What was a great 40 minutes for someone else has greatly impacted us,” she added.

It is believed that the family went through a bad patch ever since the incident happened. Almost a month ago, a Ford F-250 truck was stolen from the parking lot of St. Louis Union Station that is located near the Hard Rock Café. Despite being recovered on the same day, the family struggled a lot – not only the kid had to suffer for no reason, but the condition in which the truck was found was terrible.

She continued, “In the hour that they had the car, they managed to wreck it. You can tell someone was joyriding for a good 15 minutes.”

The mother of the 7-year old later cleared that joyride aside; they were really concerned about the child’s wheelchair which the family bought only one month ago. This is where you can leverage the expertise of a cerebral palsy attorney who will get you your basic rights at the earliest.