Common Types of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are often caused by the negligence of drivers who fail to take adequate precautions to watch for the presence of bicycles and to avoid situations that are likely to result in collisions. While many bicycle accidents stem from the carelessness of bicyclists rather than that of automobile drivers, a large number are caused when motorists make turns that endanger bicyclists or sideswipe bicyclists they have not seen.

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Left Turns at Intersections

Negligently executed left turns are frequent causes of bicycle road accidents. This type of accident occurs when a bicyclist and motorist approach an intersection from opposite directions, both have green lights, and the motorist makes a left turn in front of the moving cyclist, who is then unable to avoid colliding with the vehicle.

Right Turns at Intersections

A driver right-turn accident often occurs when a bicyclist and motorist are traveling in the same direction, the motorist passes the bicyclist on the bicyclist’s left and negligently cuts in front of the bicyclist to make a right turn, causing the bicyclist to collide with the vehicle or make an adjustment that causes the bicyclist injury.

Left Turns in Traffic Gaps

A gap left-turn accident can occur when a bicyclist and motorist are approaching from opposite directions in slowed or halted traffic, the bicyclist continues to move along the right (curb) side of slow or non-moving vehicles, and the motorist negligently makes a left turn through a gap in stopped traffic and collides with the cyclist.

Side Swipe Accidents

A side-swipe accident generally occurs in one of two situations: 1) a bicyclist is traveling along the right (curb) side of a motor vehicle and the motorist negligently moves to the right to, for example, avoid an obstruction or get ready to make a right turn, without checking for the presence of bicyclists, or 2) a motorist is pulling a trailer or other load that is wider than his motor-vehicle and the extra width cuts off a bicyclist traveling alongside the vehicle.

Rear End Accidents

A rear-end collision caused by driver negligence generally occurs when a cyclist moves into a traffic lane in preparation for making a left-hand turn, and an inattentive or speeding motorist runs into the back of the bicyclist.

Car Door Accidents

A car-door bicycle accident can occur when a driver or passenger negligently opens a door without checking for the presence of approaching bicyclists. This may happen after a motorist parks a car and quickly exits the vehicle or when a car is stopped in traffic and the passenger opens his door.

Road Rage Accidents

While most of the above-described accidents are generally caused by “simple” driver negligence, road-rage accidents may result from driving that reaches beyond simple negligence to grossly negligent or reckless behavior. Examples of accidents that may result from motorists’ anger at the presence of bicyclists include collisions caused by drivers suddenly and closely passing in front of cyclists, throwing objects at bicyclists or in bicyclists’ paths, and causing bicyclists to run into objects or be forced off of roads. Even verbal threats or taunts, which can startle or rattle a cyclist and thereby reduce the cyclist’s ability to ride safely, can result in a motorist’s liability for accident injuries suffered by the cyclist as a result.

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